District Membership Director becomes so much more...

What is a District Club Support Director?

As the role of the District Membership Director transitions to the District Club Support Director, the focus for this year will be in transition also.  Typically the DMD is focused on assisting clubs to recruit new members and retain current members.  For the upcoming year, the focus will be on supporting clubs in whatever their needs may be  The National Club Support Committee has developed a number of resources to encourage this support.


1)  Club Health Assessment -- is intended to be a club-driven tool for Kin Canada clubs and will served multiple purposes.


Open & Honest Dialogue First and foremost, this tool helps facilitate open and honest dialogue among all club members surrounding the performance of the club across multiple domains, all of which are an aspect of overall club health and success.


Identification of Strengths & Areas for Improvement Through completing the assessment, clubs will have an opportunity to review and identify areas of strength for the club as well as areas where improvement may be required.


Club Planning This assessment will help identify key areas where the club may wish to focus some of their effort for improvement in the upcoming year, and assign specific responsibilities to key individuals.


Club Support This assessment may help identify specific Kin Canada resources beyond the club level (Zone, District or National) which may be of benefit to the club. This may be identified at the club level, or through discussion with the Deputy Governor regarding how to address specific club needs.


Monitor Progress This assessment allows clubs to compare their overall club health on an annual basis, tracking areas where they may have seen improvement or a decline.


District Awareness When shared through the Deputy Governor, it provides a detailed snapshot of club health across the District. This allows the District to be more proactive in providing club support where needed, or to identify particular resources that may benefit multiple clubs in a particular area or across the entire District.


2) Mentoring Program


The purpose of Kin Canada's mentoring program is to help every member achieve the goal of serving his or her community.  Through a program of personal development members realize the potential that their skills and knowledge offer.  The mentoring program prepares them for leadership in their clubs, the Association and in their personal lives.


3) Surveys


The use of  a number of surveys will help to gather information about the status of the district and the direction that we could be taking.  New members will be offered a New Member Experience Survey to ensure that the are on the right track and are feeling welcomed.  Exit surveys will be sent to those members who have resigned from Kin to try to ascertain why they left the Association.  Club Exit surveys are in place with the hopes of not needing them but will be used where needed.


4) Resources


A variety of resources have been developed for use by clubs and members.  They include:

• The Successful Club Manual

• Kin Education Manual

• Kin Education Manual Presentation

• Club Leadership Seminar

• Healthy Club Toolkit


5) Recruitment Resources

• Recruitment overview presentation

• Recruitment ideas


Clubs are encouraged to reach out to their Zone Deputy Governor or Kathy McFarlane, District Club Support Director, for more information about any of these resources and for support in implementing any of them.


Please find links to a few valuable resources below.